The NEW e-motion – power in your hands.

Push-rim activated power assist

The idea behind the e-motion is simple: You can add the e-motion drive wheels to almost any wheelchair using two discrete adapters. While moving, sensors built into the push rims measure your drive movement and provide you with the desired power. This allows you to move, steer and brake your wheelchair with very little effort. With a weight of only 17 lbs. per drive wheel, the e-motion is one of the lightest active add-on drives available.

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Here’s how it works: e-motion in simple terms

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Therapeutic benefits of e-motion

Numerous independent studies have shown that the use of power-assist can help a wheelchair user reduce strain on their muscles and joints and give them the additional power they need to get through their day.  Read more about the clinical benefits of power-assist. Find out more in our therapist brochure.

Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

Ready to try the e-motion?

Please contact your provider or contact us at Alber USA and we can connect you with one of our sales representatives.


Discover in the brochure an overview of features, accessories and benefits of the e-motion - download, print and share now!
The downloads also contain additional documents such as user manuals and quick guides.

e-motion brochures e-motion user manuals order forms

Simply replace your current wheelchair wheels with the e-motion wheels.  The e-motion has a powerful in-hub motor and li-ion batteries. 

Drive wheel 

  • Available wheel sizes 22", 24", 25"
  • 330 lbs maximum user weight, maximum total system weight 418 lbs
  • Electronics and battery integrated in the wheel hub
  • 17.1 lbs per wheel (standard version 24")
  • Brushed stainless steel push rim
  • Increase wheelchair width by ¾” to 1 ½” – depending on model

ECS remote control (Ergonomic Control System) - optional

  • Switch the e-motion wheels on and off from a seated position
  • Buttons easy to operate, even with little force

  • Easy to read LCD display

  • Battery indicator in 20% increments

  • Learning mode for beginners

  • Rollback delay:  Delays the wheelchair from rolling back on slopes for up to 5 seconds to enable repositioning of the hands

Automatic battery-charger 

  • Magnetic connection between the charging cable and the wheels
  • Charges both e-motion wheels at the same time
  • Automatic adaptation to the mains voltage (100– 240 V)
  • Removable power cable
  • Electronic charging and switch-off mechanism
  • Charge status is indicated by the LEDs on the e-motion wheel and on the battery charger
  • Battery charging time approx. 6 h
Longer range
Cruise mode
Assisted braking
Longer range Cruise mode Assisted braking
Roll-back delay
Safe for transport
Roll-back delay Safe for transport
Technical data
Wheel size

22”, 24” or 25‘‘


Assistance 0 - 3.7 mph or 5.3 mph in combination with Mobility Plus Package

Climbing and braking ability

The technical limits and specifications of the original wheelchair manufacturer must be observed.

Max. weight of the person

330 lbs

Max. permitted total weight

418 lbs
(e-motion, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)


36.5 V, 2 x 4.3 Ah, lithium-ion, leakproof and maintenance free

Weight of individual parts
Total weight:

34 lbs

Drive wheel (including battery)

17 lbs


  • Just one small bracket on both sides of the wheelchair
  • Fits virtually all common wheelchair models
  • Wheel can be attached in any position
  • In most cases the manual wheels can still be used

Other accessories

  • Anti-tippers with swiveling and jack-up function

    • Removable via quick-release device
    • With jack-up function for easy removal of the wheels
    • With automatic swiveling function for crossing curbs and thresholds
    • Adjustable height and length
    • Anti-tippers must be mounted in pairs
  • Flat free tire 1 3/8" black

    • Available for 22" and 24" wheels
    • Puncture protection with suspension and comfort
    • Prevents air loss and flat tyres
    • Additional weight per wheel approx. 500 g (for 24" wheel)
  • Spoke cover

    • Available for all wheel sizes
  • Coating for push rims

    • Available for 22" and 24" wheels
    • For wheelchair users with limited hand functions
    • Increases the grip
    • Completely coated and thereby prevents slipping
    • Optionally available for 22", 24" and 25" wheels: Retrofitting push rim cover consisting of rubber
  • Carbolife “Quadro” push rims

    • Available for 24" wheels
    • Special profile for tetraplegics with limited hand and triceps function
    • Optimized gripping surface for effortless motion and braking
    • Maximum grip due to a special anti-slip coating
  • Carbolife “Curve L” push rim

    • Available for 24" and 25" wheels
    • Patented L-profile form with maximum gripping surface for hands and thumbs
    • Stabilizes the wrist and ensures ergonomic posture
    • Precise wheelchair handling and braking
    • Ensures optimum power transmission and low fatigue when in use
    • Black powder-coated
    • Approx. 200 g lighter in comparison to stainless steel push rims
  • Magnetic holder for ECS remote control

    • For attaching the ECS remote control to the wheelchair
    • ECS remote control is automatically docked on using a special magnetic mechanism
    • Makes ECS remote control handling easier especially if hand functions are limited
  • Ergonomic Stub Axle

    [Translate to Englisch (US):] Ergosteckachse
    • For easier attaching and removing of the drive wheels
    • Innovative release mechanism with ergonomic ring (no push and pull required at the same time
    • Suitable for persons with limited hand function
    • Retrofit to existing wheels without tools

Added value from smartphone connectivity – the free of charge e-motion mobility app

Thanks to the latest wireless technology, the e-motion M25 can connect to almost any iOs or Android smartphone. This allows a wide range of additional functions and possibilities that significantly expand the benefit and application spectrum of the e-motion:

  • Option of 5 pre-defined driving profiles  (standard, sensitive, sensitive plus, soft, active)
  • Battery status display, speed and distance travelled
  • Recording and managing of trips using GPS tracking
  • Automatic discharge of batteries for storage or for air travel
  • Dealer search, contact option with the Alber Service
  • Display of detailed error messages with hints and remedies

e-motion Mobility Plus Package (additional cost)

The Mobility Plus Package activates a wide range of clever additional functions in the e-motion mobility app.  You’ll save money by purchasing the package, but you can also buy functions individually.

The Mobility Plus Package and the upgrades listed can be ordered directly from the Appstore for iOs and the Playstore for Android (In-App purchase)


Increases the maximum assistance speed of the e-motion from 3.7 mph to 5.3 mph



  • Works in a similar way to the cruise control of a car: Ideally suited for longer rides along level ground, pushing a shopping cart or a luggage
  • It is activated by a single push above 1.2 mph and maintains this speed without additional pushing (works also on slopes and downward slopes)
  • The speed can be increased at any time by additional pushes on the push rim or in the app



  • Remote control of the unoccupied wheelchair using a smartphone, e.g. to "repark"
  • Controlled via built-in inclination sensor of the smartphone or with a virtual joystick in the app



  • Depicts the functions of the ECS remote control
  • Convenient switching on and off of the e-motion wheels from a seated position
  • Selection of two assistance levels plus learning mode
  • Activates the rollback delay



  • Records the amount of pushes during a trip

  • Monitors driving behavior and helps optimize