scalamobil – climb stairs safely and with ease

Mobile stair climbing device for wheelchairs

scalamobil – the mobile stair climbing device for your wheelchair

Every single step is an obstacle if you are no longer able to independently climb stairs due to illness or disability – be it at home, at the doctor’s office, in public buildings or when visiting friends and relatives. The new scalamobil makes difficult routes accessible again: It doesn't matter whether stairs are steep, narrow or windy, whether they are made from wood, stone or carpeted: scalamobil easily and smoothly climbs all stairs. And it is simply and safely operated with little effort. Scalamobil can be used with some common models of folding manual wheelchairs or can be fitted with a Scalachair or Scalaport accessory.

  • scalamobil is a mobile system and can be used anywhere (patented climbing mechanism, transportable)
  • scalamobil fits to almost all manual wheelchairs (over 400 models in database)
  • Additonal safety and driving comfort thanks to ErgoBalance handles and IQ-Feature with safety sensors

”Finally, I can get out of the house again and visit my grandchild.”

Gisela Sch. from Dortmund

Intelligent, reliable and incredibly easy to use

The scalamobil has patented safety sensors and if necessary can be individually programmed to the actual conditions of your stairs. If desired, the sensors help the user and permit an even safer and more importantly very gentle process. This is particularly advantageous and not just for wheelchair drivers with back problems.

Here’s how it works: scalamobil in simple terms

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Excellent quality

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Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber Service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

Where can I try the scalamobil and what does it cost?

We would be happy to demonstrate the scalamobil to you free of charge and without any obligation. The local Alber USA sales representative, will happily advise you and can arrange a demo to ensure you purchase the product most suited to your needs.


Discover in the brochure an overview of features, accessories and benefits of the scalamobil - download, print and share now!
The downloads also contain additional documents such as user manuals and quick guides.

scalamobil brochures scalamobil user manuals order forms


  • ErgoBalance handles developed by specialists for a secure hold and which require minimum effort
  • With soft cushions at points where high pressure levels are experienced
  • Separate control elements to preselect the climbing direction and to initiate climbing
  • Ergonomic, fatigue-free main switch, ideal even for longer climbs
  • SoftTouch comfort cushion on the rear of the control unit to place on the thigh for additional support when climbing stairs backwards
  • The widths of the left and right handles can be adjusted separately to adapt to narrow stairwells or the user’s body shape
  • Continuously variable handlebar height adjustment
  • The handlebar can be easily fitted to and removed from the drive without cables


  • Uncluttered display with clear indication of direction and warning signal when the battery charge is low
  • Sensor field for drive away lock
  • On/Off button with backlight

E-box with control elements

  • Interface for programming and setting the IQ feature
  • Switch for activating/deactivating single step mode
  • Continuously variable selection of climbing speed 6 –19 steps/min

Climbing unit with automatic safety brake

  • Patented climbing mechanism for universal use on virtually any stairs
  • Tires made from wear-resistant material, reliably gentle on the stair covering in the long term
  • Four automatic safety brakes with improved surmounting of obstacles reliably stop the scalamobil before the edge of each step
  • Housing with sturdy lightweight aluminium design
  • With practical carrying handle for simple loading
  • With bolts to hold the wheelchair
  • The wheels of scalamobil reduce their speed before attaching on the next step
  • This eliminates shocks efficiently
  • Timing of speed-reduction in dependancy of the height of the steps
  • Timing of speed-reduction in dependancy of the holding angle of scalamobil
  • Elimination of the load change due to a stop in balance position: the device will not continue unless the operator changes the bearing of the system

Battery pack

  • Lead acid cells 2 x 12 V - 3,4 Ah
  • One charge can climb up to 300 steps (with weight of the person of around 150 lbs)
  • Can be replaced very simply to extend the range
  • Spare batteries available to enhance operating range
  • Easy exchange for service
  • The battery can be charged separately from scalamobil
  • Reduces transporting weight of motor unit 6 pounds

Automatic battery charger

  • Electronic automatic charge and switch off mechanism
  • Indicator for charge control
  • Automatic adaptation to mains voltage of 90 – 240 V (useful when traveling)
Technical data
Climbing speed

6-19 steps/min


Up to 300 steps

Max. weight of the person

308 lbs

Max. permitted total weight

400 lbs
(scalamobil, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)

Battery pack

2 x 12 V; 3.4 Ah

Weight and dimensions of individual parts
Climbing unit

40 lbs (without battery pack)

Battery pack

6 lbs


11 lbs

Weight (total)

56 lbs

Width (total)

17 - 20.5 in

Height (total)

47 - 63 in

Step height (a) of step (b)
scalamobil 35/36
scalamobil 38
scalamobil 35/36


scalamobil 38


scalamobil 35/36


scalamobil 38


scalamobil 36/scalachair
scalamobil 35 with standard wheelchair
recommended turning radius
scalamobil 35 with standard wheelchair


recommended turning radius


scalamobil 35 with standard wheelchair


recommended turning radius


Relevant information to check wheelchair compatibility
Seat width front position in cm


Seat height rear in cm


Wheel position (forward/back)


Drum break (yes/no)


Stub axle (yes/no)


Weight of occupant in kg


scalamobil is recognised by health insurance companies and complies with the EC Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices.


  • To fasten the Scalamobil to the wheelchair

Please contact Alber USA customer service to confirm compatibility. Not all manual wheelchairs are compatible with Scalamobil brackets.

Other accessories

  • Climbing height extension

    scalamobil S38 with climbing height extension

    • For stairs of up to 10 in
    • If combined with Scalachair X3, a modified frame is needed
    • Also available with integrated seat unit as scalamobil_fly or with scalaport X7 universal adapter
  • Scalachair X3

    Given its small dimensions, the Scalachair X3 is a useful alternative to a normal wheelchair, especially in small apartments or narrow stairwells. The bracket for the scalamobil is already integrated in the Scalachair X3. The Scalachair X3 can be removed in only a few steps and can be used indoors as a push-chair. The Scalachair X3 is also designed to transport special seat shells, which can be fitted on the Scalachair X3 by your medical product retailer using adapters. The soft wheels with brakes make the product easy to push and stable when moving into/out of the seat. The cushions can be taken off and washed. A headrest for comfortable seating, push handles and a belt system round off the accessories for the Scalachair X3.

    Weight and dimensions:
    Weight: 28 lb
    Width: 20 in
    Height: 37.4 in
    Depth, folded: 13.5 in
    Max. weight of the person: 308 lb

  • Scalaport X7

    When combined with scalamobil, the scalaport X7 allows many different wheelchairs to be transported up and down stairs without a bracket having to be fitted on every individual wheelchair and without the large wheelchair wheels having to be taken off. scalaport X7 is intended especially for nursing homes, transport providers and public buildings such as schools or museums. It also allows wheelchairs to be transported privately if the frame geometry of the wheelchair does not allow a standard bracket to be fitted for the scalamobil. The entire wheelchair is secured to the scalaport X7 to be transported up or down stairs. The new folding mechanism permits both stowing in small spaces and simple system transport. You will find more information in our scalaport info brochure.

  • Combination with comfort wheelchairs

    Selected comfort wheelchairs can also be combined with the scalamobil using a special bracket so that people requiring support can be easily transported up or down stairs.

  • Headrest

    • Ensures a secure hold and stability for the neck and head section when going up and down stairs
    • With clip function for scalamobil and scalacombi
    • With soft cushions
    • Height, depth and inclination can be adjusted
  • Safety lap belt

    • With tried and tested safety quick-locking device
    • 35 in. long
    • Simple to mount on the wheelchair
  • Combination with narrow wheelchairs

    • Can be mounted on narrow wheelchairs (< 15.5 in) with a seat width of 11 in or more, e.g. for children, on request
    • This requires a special bracket
    • Max. weight of the person 130 lb
    • Alternatively, the scalaport X7 can also be used to transport narrow wheelchairs as of a seat width of 10 in
  • Tilt bar

    • Makes it easier to tilt the wheelchair when overcoming obstacles (not suited to scalastuhl X3)
    • Is fastened to the wheelchair bracket for the scalamobil (has to be removed to climb stairs)
    • Can only be used once the scalamobil has been taken off (cannot be used in combination).
  • Wheel transport bracket

    • To transport the wheelchair wheels along with the scalamobil
    • Wheels do not have to be transported separately
    • Bracket suited to all common models of wheelchair
  • Anti-tippers

    • Can be removed using quick-release device
    • Height and length can be adjusted
    • With automatic swiveling function for passing over curbs and thresholds
    • Fastened to the wheelchair bracket for the scalamobil and has to be removed to climb stairs
  • Stub axle

    Conversion from screw to stub axle:
    Because the large wheelchair wheels have to be removed to climb stairs, a stub axle system is needed.


    • Conversion comprises hubs, spokes, stub axles, adapter sleeves, mounting
    • Available for normal standard hubs and drum brakes
  • Automotive battery charger

    • For charging the battery pack in the vehicle during travel
    • Electronic automatic charge and switch-off mechanism (function depends on the vehicle used)
    • Indicator for charge control
    • Voltage range 12 V - 32 V


Discover the possibilities of scalamobil: From attachable brackets to versions with integrated seating or suited for manual wheelchairs – scalamobil helps you stay flexible and mobile. Whether you need just a little help with stairs or are looking for a transportable solution: We've got you covered!

scalamobil with manual wheelchair
scalamobil with scalachair X3
scalacombi with integrated seat
scalamobil with universal adapter scalaport X7

scalamobil with manual wheelchair

scalamobil with manual wheelchair

You only need to mount the bracket to the wheelchair once – without any modifications to the chair. When needed, scalamobil can be effortlessly attached to the bracket within seconds.

  • No need to change seats: Transport the occupant in his wheelchair
  • Compatible with over 400 wheelchair models
  • Compatible from seat width 16 inches / height 16 inches
scalamobil with scalachair X3

scalamobil with scalachair X3

scalamobil with scalachair X3 is the optimal solution for a wide variety of purposes: This folding chair assists you in climbing stairs and can be used as push-chair for flats as well. Thanks to its light weight, take it with you to wherever you need it!

  • Seat with integrated bracket for scalamobil
  • Suitable as push-chair for narrow flats
  • Adaptation of seat shells possible
  • Arm rest rotation for easier change of seats
  • Equipped with castor wheels with brake
  • Accessories available: head rest, push handles
scalacombi with integrated seat

scalacombi with integrated seat

In situations where just a little help on the stairs is needed, scalacombi with an integrated seat is the optimal solution.

  • Fits perfectly with narrow staircases
  • Foldable seat for easy stowing
  • Can be dismantled for transport in the car
  • Swing away arm rest for easier change of seats
  • Equipped with castor wheels with brake
scalamobil with universal adapter scalaport X7

scalamobil with universal adapter scalaport X7

Attach scalamobil directly to manual wheelchairs without any additional specific bracket – thanks to scalaport X7.

  • Suitable to adapt pediatric wheelchairs
  • Compatible from seat width 10 inch (with special adapter)
  • Adaptation through clamping mechanism on the backrest
  • Adjustable in width
  • Ideal for wheelchair taxis and public transportation or public buildings