e-fix – the small compact electric wheelchair

Turn your manual wheelchair into a compact electric wheelchair with the e-fix add-on drive. The drive can be individually programmed and can therefore be adapted perfectly to your personal needs. The electric add-on drive is the simple way to increase your freedom of movement. The e-fix also allows you to cover greater distances and handle slopes effortlessly.

Stay flexible - two wheelchairs in one!

If the situation requires it, the e-fix can also be easily moved by hand: You uncouple the drive wheels with a handle and your wheelchair can be pushed by hand as usual – either using the push rims or by an attendant. The manual wheels can usually still be used too.

Requires little space – simply take it with you everywhere you go.

The components of the lightweight and compact add-on drive can be quickly removed from the wheelchair without the need for tools. Everything is quickly and easily arranged. Even in the smallest of trunks.

I want to remain independent – e-fix makes it possible

Getting out and about and enjoying daily life is second nature to most people.  What if illness or age means that you are no longer able to leave your home without assistance? A great option is the e-fix electric add-on drive, which turns your manual wheelchair into a lightweight electric wheelchair. You can then independently cover greater distances and handle slopes without stress or external assistance.

I still have my independence thanks to e-fix

Being in control of our own lives for as long as possible is something all of us want. Equipment like the e-fix add-on drive can help you achieve this. Great in all circumstances, the add-on drive is a huge help in everyday life. e-fix makes your wheelchair incredibly easy to control – you’ll learn to master it right away!
The powerful drive wheels of the e-fix are great for outdoor use too. Walks with your partner or friends, a stroll around the town – with e-fix, you can do all this and more. The speed is set to anything between 0.3 and 3.75 mph using the easy-grip controller. As a rule, the slower you drive, the swifter the wheelchair reacts. You steer, the e-fix responds!

Here’s how it works: e-fix in simple terms

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The New and Improved e-fix ECO

Portable Power Just Got Better

The e-fix Eco offers many of the same features and benefits as the e-fix, including enhanced mobility and independence, convenience, easier travel, and intuitive attendant control

Here’s how we made the e-fix Eco better

Differences between the e-fix and e-fix Eco

Enhanced Performance

  • Free-wheeling thanks to new clutch
  • Control unit is adaptable to be bracketed as attendant control
  • Energy recovery braking technology
  • Individual care through versatile programming functions built into the control unit
  • New joystick options provide end-users with more versatile functionality


  • Super quiet motor on 22” and 24” wheels
  • New flat and modern design on control unit
  • New battery bag with stability straps on pack ensures stability and strength
  • Modern dark grey wheel hub
  • New discrete black battery color
  • The e-fix comes in two versions. The e-fix (E35)and the e-fix HD (E36) which features a highermax user weight from 265lbs. to 352lbs.
  • The new e-fix Eco comes in one version and features a max user weight of 265lbs

The core difference lies within the battery.

  • The e-fix Eco is equipped with a Lead-Acid batteryweighing 19.4 lbs. As opposed to the e-fix whichfeatures a Lithium-Ion battery weighing 4.4 lbs.
  • The e-fix Eco battery pack must be removed fromthe wheelchair to fold for transportation asopposed to the e-fix which can be folded whilethe battery remains attached.

Excellent design

Product configuration

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Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

Test reports for the e-fix

How do our customers rate the e-fix?

Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

Test reports for the e-fix

How do our customers rate the e-fix?

Where can I try the e-fix and what does it cost?

Alber USA sales representatives would be happy to demonstrate the e-fix to you free of charge and without obligation through your local medical dealer, who will also work with your medical insurance. If you do not have a medical dealer who you currently work with, please contact Alber USA customer service who will be able to assist you with finding a company in your area.


Discover in the brochure an overview of features, accessories and benefits of the e-fix - download, print and share now!
The downloads also contain additional documents such as user manuals and quick guides.

e-fix brochures e-fix user manuals order forms

Control unit

The modern, flat design of the control unit offers simple operation and perfect ergonomics.

  • TFT color display showing capacity and range
  • Speed selection (0.3 and 3.75 mph)
  • On/Off button, horn and spotlight
  • Removable handrest
  • Other adjustment options for individual adaptation via programmable parameters

Battery pack

The lightweight and small powerhouse – extremely compact, can be removed in a flash. 

  • Efficient lithium-ion cells for a long life
  • Range of up to 10 miles with 5.85 Ah battery pack (depending on ground surface, weight of the person, temperature, wheelchair settings and terrain)
  • Easy to take out and put back in again
  • Weight: just 4 pounds
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Optional: 7.5 Ah battery pack with range of up to 15 miles (standard with E36 version)
  • The battery pack can be charged when fitted on the wheelchair or when removed
  • Socket for control unit and battery charger plugs: Automatic contacting using magnet (EasyConnex)
  • 24-month guarantee

Battery holder

The battery holder is the smart interface between the battery pack and two drive wheels.

  • Insert battery and snap in with a “click”
  • Automatic battery pack contacting
  • Fixed using Velcro straps
  • Optional fastening via battery box
  • With integrated fuses

E35/E36 drive wheel

Motor, brake, gear and coupling have been integrated in the drive wheel in the wheel hub. This allows the wheels to be easily fitted and removed without any tools.

  • Available in various wheel sizes
  • Manual wheels can be converted to ½” stub axle for a surcharge
  • Simply uncouple e-fix wheels for manual operation
  • e-fix increases the width of the wheelchair by approx. 2–5 cm

E35 version

  • Weight of the person of up to 260 pounds
  • Wheel size: 22" or 24", puncture-proof

E36 version

  • Weight of the person of up to 350 pounds
  • Wheel size: 24", puncture-protected

Automatic battery charger

It’s the details that make the difference when it comes to chargers, so the contacting to the battery has been provided with an intuitive magnetic plug system, which snaps in easily when plugged.


  • EasyConnex
  • Electronic automatic charge and switch off mechanism
  • Automatic adaptation to mains voltage (100 – 240 V)
Technical data
E35 / E36
E35 / E36

0.3 and 3.75 mph / 0.3 and 3.75 mph


.3 and 3.75 mph

Climbing and braking ability
E35 / E36

Up to 20% / 
Up to 15 % with max. 160 pounds
Up to 20 % with max. 120 pounds
The limit values of the wheelchair manufacturer should be observed.


Up to 20%
The limit values of the wheelchair manufacturer should be observed

E35 / E36

Up to 10 miles / Up to 11 miles
depending on ground surface, weight of user, temperature and topography


Up to 10 miles depending on ground surface, weight of user, temperature and topography

Wheel sizes
E35 / E36

22” and 24” / 24”


14", 22" and 24"

Max. weight of the person
E35 / E36

260 pounds / 350 pounds


260 pounds

Max. permitted total weight
E35 / E36

375 pounds / 460 pounds
(e-fix, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)


370 pounds (e-fix Eco, wheelchair and driver)

E35 / E36

36 V; 5,85 Ah; 216 Wh / 
36 V; 7,5 Ah; 270 Wh


36 V; 7,65 Ah; 275 Wh

Weight of individual parts
E35 / E36
Drive wheel
E35 / E36

17 lb / 17 lb


17 pounds

Battery pack
E35 / E36

4 lb / 4 lb


19 pounds

Control unit
E35 / E36

1.3 lb / 1.3 lb


1.3 pounds

E35 / E36

1.7 lb / 1.7 lb


1.1 pounds

Total weight of all components:
E35 / E36

42 lb / 42 lb


78 pounds

e-fix is recognised by health insurance companies and complies with the EC Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices.

Anti-tippers with swiveling and jack-up function

Anti-tippers come in pairs. Our anti-tippers allow us to guarantee conformity with the German Medical Devices Act.

  • e-fix anti-tippers with swiveling and jack-up function
  • Can be removed using quick-release device
  • Height and length can be adjusted
  • With automatic swiveling function for passing over curbs and thresholds
  • Jack-up function to remove the drive wheels with ease

Jack-Up Anti-tippers are not compatible with all manual wheelchairs. Please confirm compatibility with Alber USA customer service.

Other accessories

  • Intuitive attendant control and additional push handle

    Intuitive attendant control

    • Simple and ergonomic operation by the attendant
    • Sensors translate the control pulse into the steering movement
    • Ideal for uneven terrain too

    Additional push handle

    • Extension to push handle to achieve the same spacing as with the intuitive attendant control
    • Recommended for ergonomic use of the e-fix by means of intuitive attendant control
  • Protection bow for protection against ramming

    • Protects the hand in the event of collisions
    • Sturdy construction to protect the control unit
    • Can be mounted at a later date
  • Spare battery

    • Spare battery to increase mobility
    • Spare battery charged in parallel
    • Useful for professional use too
    • Easy to change
    • Weight: 4 pounds
    • Includes bag for transport (only in combination with new device)
  • Spoke cover

    • 22”– transparent spoke cover, without decoration
    • 22”– spoke cover with “Alber” decoration
    • 24”– transparent spoke cover, without decoration
    • 24”– spoke cover with “Alber” decoration
  • Drive wheel operating assistance

    • Especially for users with restricted hand/finger function
    • Makes it easier to couple/uncouple the drive wheel from manual to motorized mode
    • Easy to retrofit
    • Standard with 160 kg drive wheel option (E36)
  • Charger socket, external

    • Includes universal bracket
    • To load the battery pack with ease
    • Can be freely positioned on the wheelchair
  • Swivel arm

    • Control unit is swung down in parallel, allowing wheelchair to be easily positioned under tables
    • Can be mounted on the left or right
  • Joystick options

    T-handle joystick option 

    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Width approx. 90 mm (on inside)
    • With Quick-on fastening

    Special joystick option

    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Diameter approx. 40 mm
    • With Quick-on fastening

    Soft joystick option

    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Diameter approx. 70 mm
    • With Quick-on fastening
  • Speed selection help function

    • Increases size of selector wheel
    • Especially for users with restricted hand/finger function
    • Easy to retrofit