Installation kit:

Power add-on drive e-fix Installation kit
  • Combination of mechanical attachment for drive wheels and distributor for power supply and control signals
  • Flexible attachment to most wheelchairs

Anti-tippers with swivelling and jack-up function:

e-fix Anit-tippers with swivelling and jack-up function
  • Removed via quick-release fasteners
  • Height and length adjustable
  • With automatic swivelling function to overcome kerbs and thresholds
  • Jack-up function for easy removal of the drive wheels
  • Anti-tippers must be installed in pairs.
  • The original wheelchair anti-tippers may be used

Swivel arm:

Power add-on drive e-fix swivel arm
  • Control unit is swivelled away in parallel.
  • Makes it easy to drive close up to tables .
  • Can be fitted on the left or right-hand side

Bracket forcontrol unit as attendant control:

Power add-on drive e-fix bracket for attendant control
  • Mounted onto the wheelchair pushhandle tubes
  • Position can be adjusted individually
  • Control unit for the attendant is simply inserted
  • Can be fitted on the left or right-hand side
  • Available with extended handrest as shown in the illustration

Conversion from screw to stub axles:

e-fix conversion from screw to stub axles

Changing from 12 mm Ø to ½" stub axles

  • Conversion consisting of hubs, spokes, quick release axles, adapter, fittings
  • Available for normal standard hubs and drum brakes
  • Conversion of existing quick release wheels from 12 mm quick release axles to ½" so that e-fix and manual wheels fit onto the same wheel adapter

Protection bow for control unit:

e-fix protection bow for control unit
  • Protects hands in case of collisions
  • Robust construction to protect the joystick
  • Can be retrofitted

Extended hand rest:

e-fix control unit with extended hand rest
  • Optimum support for the hand
  • Neoprene cushion for more comfort
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Installation and removal without tools

Tray table:

Power add-on drive e-fix tray table
  • For wheelchair with armrests
  • Minimum height above the e-fix wheel 6 cm
  • The controller is inserted into the tray table either in the middle or in any desired position.

Joystick options:

Power add-on drive e-fix joystick options
  • Ergonomically shaped T-handle for tetraplegic
  • Foam rubber ball 2.76 inch diameter with large hand support area
  • Larger joystick ball, plastic, diameters 1.57 and 1.97 inch

Spare battery, 12 Ah:

e-fix spare battery, 12 Ah
  • Battery pack, 24 V, 12 Ah as spare battery
  • For long journeys
  • For heavy wheelchair users
  • Also useful for the workplace
  • Integrated carry handle
  • easy to change
  • Weight 19.84 lbs

Increased capacity battery pack, 17 Ah:

e-fix increased capacity battery pack, 22 Ah
  • Standard for the 352.74 lbs drive wheel option
  • Range up to 18.64 miles (depending on ground surface, weight of person, temperature, wheelchair setting and type of terrain being crossed)
  • Weight 28.66 lbs
  • Cannot be used with all wheelchair types
  • Minimum clearance between cross-race and front edge of the seat sling: 7.87 inch

Intuitive attendant control:

Power add-on drive e-fix with intuitive attendant control
  • Simple and ergonomic operation by the attandant
  • Very robust construction, the angle can be adjusted
  • Also suitable for use on uneven terrain
  • Opti-Box is required for the connection

Battery box:

e-fix battery box

-For permanent mounting of the battery pack, e.g. for comfort or stand-up chairs
-Rigid construction
-Only available for 12 Ah battery pack

Spoke covers:

e-fix spoke covers
  • 24" spoke cover, transparent, "Squares" décor
  • 22" spoke cover, transparent, "Squares" décor
  • 22" spoke cover for pediatric wheelchairs with "Bear" décor


Opti-box for power add-on drive e-fix

For the easy connection of:

  • Special controls
  • Speed stop/speed limit switches
  • Remote power switch
  • Remote power supply
  • Intuitive attandant control

Remote charging socket:

Remote charging socket for power add-on drive e-fix
  • Easy to attach
  • At any position of the wheelchair
  • Allows more comfortable battery charging

Control aid for engaging and disengaging the drive wheel on the e-fix:

Control aid for engaging and disengaging the drive wheel on the e-fix
  • Useful where hand function is reduced and mobility of the upper body and arms is limited.
  • Easy to retrofit on all e-fix products of type E25 and E26.
  • Velcro fastening enables removal at any time.

External On/Off switch

External On/Off switch
  • For easy activation/deactivation of e-fix
  • Large button, no positioning restrictions
  • Opti-Box required for installation (optional)

e-fix for stand-up or lifting chairs speed stop/speed limit switch

  • Reduces the speed or prevents travel operation when the switch ist activated
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Opti-Box is required for the connection