Control unit:

Power add-on drive e-fix control unit
  • Power switch
  • LCD for battery capacity, error codes, speed and milage
  • Speed selection (0.37 - 3.73 mph)
  • Button for menu and horn
  • Removable hand rest
  • 14 programmable parameters
  • Automatic power-save

Drive wheel:

drive wheel of the power add-on drive e-fix
  • Various motor ratings available (for persons with a weight of up to 264.55 lbs or 352.74 lbs respectively)
  • Motor, brake and gear box in the wheel hub
  • Simple wheel fitting and removal without use of tools
  • Various wheel sizes available (12 1/2", 22", 24", puncture-proof or puncture-protected)
  • Conversion of manual wheels to ½" stub axle for an additional charge
  • Simply uncouple the e-fix wheels to allow manual operation
  • e-fix increases the wheelchair width by approx. 0.78 - 1.97 inch

Battery pack with bag and distribution interface:

e-fix battery pack with bag and distribution interface
  • Range up to 9.94 miles with the 12 Ah battery pack (depending on the ground surface, the weight of the person, the temperature, wheelchair settings and the type of terrain being crossed)
  • Easy to remove, only 19.84 lbs
  • Fuses are in the battery pack
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • A bigger battery pack (22 Ah) that offers a range of up to 18.64 miles is available as an option
  • The battery pack can be charged while still on the wheelchair or when separated
  • Spare battery available as optional extra
  • Simple removal of the interface through an ergonomically designed quick-release mechanism

Automatic quick-charger:

e-fix automatic quick-charger
  • Automatic adaptation to mains voltage (90–240 V)
  • Removable mains power cable
  • Automatic charging and switch-off mechanism
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Charging time approx. 5 hours (12 Ah battery pack)