Bracket for the wheelchair add-on drive e-motion
  • Only a small bracket on both sides
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Fits almost all conventional wheelchair models
  • Simple fitting
  • Manual wheelchair wheels can normally continue to be used

Anti-tippers with swiveling and jack-up function:

Anti-tippers with swiveling and jack-up function for your wheelchair
  • Removed via quick-release device
  • Height and length adjustable
  • With automatic swing-aside feature for climbing kerbs and crossing thresholds
  • Jack-up function for easy removal of wheels
  • Anti-tippers are stipulated in pairs. The original wheelchair anti-tippers can be used

Push rim coating:

Push rim coating for the add-on drive e-motion
  • Improves grip
  • For users with limited hand functions
  • Completely coated so prevents slipping

Spoke guard:

Spoke guard for the e-motion add-on drive
  • Protection against turning wheel
  • For 22" and 24" wheel size

Bracket for remote control:

Bracket for e-motion remote control
  • To attach the remote control to the wheelchair
  • Remote control can be inserted and removed without use of tools
  • Makes remote control handling easier especially if hand functions are limited