Fequently asked questions for e-motion

e-motion, the power add-on drive for your wheelchair

Can e-motion be fitted to my wheelchair?
e-motion can be fitted to almost all conventional wheelchair models. A bracket is mounted on the wheelchair frame to support the e-motion wheels. The manual wheelchair wheels can still be used.

Which e-motion versions are available?

  • Wheel sizes: 22" or 24"
  • Push rims: stainless steel
  • Tyres: pneumatic tyres (serial), failsafe tyres (option)

What accessories are available for e·motion?
Anti-tippers, spoke guard, remote control holder, spare battery pack, push rim covers

How far can I travel on a single battery charge?
The drive engineering employed in e-motion means that the achievable range depends very heavily on the respective conditions of use. Indoor movement involving continuous use of motor power for starting, steering and braking reduces the range considerably more than consistent movement outdoors. A battery charge can be sufficient here for a distance of approximately 15.5 miles under favourable conditions.

How do I charge e-motion ?
The supplied Alber charger is connected to both e-motion wheels which are charged up within 6 hours.

How fast is e-motion?
e-motion does not have a definite maximum speed level. The speed achieved depends on the strength of the propelling movement, as is the case with manual wheelchairs. e·motion assists the propelling movement up to 9.6 mph.

How heavy may a person using e-motion be?
e-motion is designed for a maximum person weight of 286 lbs, regardless of the type of wheelchair used.

How much does e-motion weigh?
2 wheels 20 lbs