• e-motion - Rollstuhl Zusatzantrieb
  • e-motion - Rollstuhl Zusatzantrieb

Power at your hands

e-motion power add-on drive for wheelchairs
  • Electrical wheel hub supports the propelling movement
  • Pushing and braking is realised as usual with the push rims
  • Gradients and longer stretches are mastered with minimal power expenditure
  • Individual driving-characteristic programming options
  • Keep active: muscles and joints are relieved of stress while the body is trained
  • Suitable for the majority of manual wheelchairs

Product Information

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Ideal for tranportation:

Ideal for tranportation

Easy to dismantle and ideal for transportation.

e-motion product video:

It’s so easy:

The e-motion wheels on the manual wheelchair

The e-motion power-assisted wheel is mounted on the wheelchair in place of the manual wheel.
The batteries are integrated in the wheel hub. A sensor registers the propelling movement and activates the electrical motors.