Bracket for mounting the stairclimber to the wheelchair
  • For attachment of scalamobil to the wheelchair (if not installed, please order with scalamobil)
  • Please indicate wheelchair type and seat height
  • Brackets for scalamobil are compatible with viamobil V15


Headrest for the wheelchair user
  • Ensures optimum support and stability for the head and neck area during stair climbing
  • With clip function for scalamobil and scalacombi
  • With soft padding
  • Adjustable in height, depth and angle of inclination

scalamobil S38 with climbing height extension

Scalamobil S28 with climbing height extension  (without IQ feature):

scalamobil S38 with climbing height extension

  • For steps up to 9.84 inch in height
  • A modified frame is required for use with scalachair X3
  • Also available with integrated seat unit as scalamobil_fly or with universal adapter scalaport X7

Special bracket for paediatric wheelchairs:

Special bracket system for paediatric wheelchairs
  • For the attachment of paediatric wheelchairs with a minimum seat width of 11.02 inch
  • For the attachment of narrow wheelchairs for adults with a seat width under 15.75 inch
  • Max. weight of person 132.28 lbs
  • Alternatively, scalaport X7 can be used to transport narrow wheelchairs with a seat width from 10.24 inch

Combination with comfort wheelchairs

Combination with comfort wheelchairs

Thanks to a special bracket selected comfort wheelchairs can also be combined with scalamobil in order to transport immobile geriatric persons.

Wheel transport bracket::

wheel transport bracket
  • For the transport of the wheelchair wheels with the scalamobil
  • The wheels do not need to be removed
  • Bracket is compatible with most wheelchair models

Car charger

Car charger for stair climber scalamobil
  • Battery pack can be charged in the car during travel
  • Automatic charge and switch-off mechanism (function depending on vehicle used)
  • Display with indication of charging status
  • Input 12 V – 32 V

Safety pelvic belt:

Safety pelvic belt for the wheelchair user
  • With tried-and-tested safety quick-locking device
  • 35.43 inch long
  • Simple to attach to wheelchair


Anti-tippers for the wheelchair
  • Removable via quick-locking device
  • Height and length can be adjusted
  • With automatic swing-aside feature for climbing kerbs and crossing thresholds
  • Are attached to the wheelchair bracket for the scalamobil (must be removed before
    stair climbing)

Stub axles

Stub axle of the wheelchair

Conversion from screw to stub axles
As the large wheels of the wheelchair must be removed to climb
a stair with scalamobil, the wheelchair must be equipped with a
quick-release system.

  • Conversion kit consisting of hub, spokes, stub axles, adapter sleeves and installation instructions
  • Available for standard hubs and hubs with drum brakes

Tilt bars:

Tilt bars for the wheelchair
  • Facilitates the tilting of the wheelchair when driving over obstacles (not compatible with scalachair X3)
  • Mounted on the wheelchair bracket for scalamobil (must be removed for stair climbing)