scalachair X3

scalachair X3

The scalachair X3 is a good alternative to a normal wheelchair, particularly in small rooms or where the staircase is narrow. The bracket for the scalamobil is integrated into the scalachair X3. The chair can be easily detached for use as a indoor push chair.

The easy-rolling wheels make the chair comfortable to push and provide a secure footing to shift to another chair. The cushions can be removed and washed.

As an option a folding version is available; this can be folded away with just one movement and can then be stored, requiring a minimum of space.

Headrests for extra sitting comfort, handgrips for easier pushing and either a lap strap or harness complete the list of accessories for the scalachair X3.


Moreover the scalachair X3 is also suitable to adapt and transport customised foam seat shells.

Weight and measurements:


12.8 kg (28.2 lb)


51 cm (20 in.)


95 cm (37.4 in.)


68 cm (26 in.)

Depth (folded)

34 cm (13.4 in.)

Max. weight of occupant

308.65 lbs