What is the difference between mobile stairclimbers and lifts ?

Mobile stairclimbers are equipped with an integrated seat unit or can be docked onto most manual wheelchairs. Since stairlcimbers don’t need to be installed and due to their portability they can be used on almost any staircase. Even narrow and spiral staircases can be mastered. In order to use a mobile stairclimber an operator is required holding and balancing the system.

Stairlifts or wheelchair lifts need to be installed into the staircase and can be used without the need of an attendant. Therefore stairlifts are recommended for persons who don’t need a wheelchair or can lead and independent way of live. The cost for the installation depends on the geometry of the staircase and the amount of floors.

The main differences at a glance:

Mobile stairlcimber

Fixed stairlift

Use in narrow and spiral staircases


Partly depending on size of wheelchair


Depending on space

Use out of home



Operator required




Fixed price

Depending on geometry of staircase and amount of floors