FAQ scalamobil

scalamobil stairclimber for wheelchairs

Will the scalamobil fit on my wheelchairs?
Yes, the scalamobil fits on nearly all models of wheelchairs by means of a small, unremarkable bracket that is mounted just once on the existing wheelchair.

Does it also work on spiral staircases?
Yes, and even on different materials such as carpet, wood, stone or metal.

Could it damage my staircase?
No, as a result of the unique climbing mechanism and thanks to the abrasion-resistant tyres, the steps are optimally protected.

How is the scalamobil driven?
The quiet electric motor on the scalamobil runs on a powerful rechargeable battery that is kept operational using a charger (included).

How far can I travel with a single charge of the battery?
As a rule, one charge of the battery is enough to climb 300 steps – for a person weighing approx. 70 kg (154 lb). That is equivalent to about 20 floors.

Is a lot of strength needed to operate the scalamobil?
At the push of a button, the electric motor takes care of all the climbing work. Guiding the scalamobil requires very little strength.

What is the maximum permitted height and depth of a step?
The steps where a scalamobil is used should be at least 11 cm (4.3 inches) deep and not higher than 20 cm (7.9 inches). As an option we also offer a step height extension up to 25 cm (9.8 inches).

Can the scalamobil also be used outside the house?
Basically, the scalamobil can be used on all kinds of steps, whether outdoors or in public buildings. The scalamobil can be dismantled into three parts; it is easy to transport and fits in every car boot.

How heavy can a person be who wishes to use the scalamobil as an aid to go up and down stairs?
Not counting the wheelchair, the person’s weight should not exceed 140 kg (308 lb)*.

* The maximum user weight may vary depending on the used wheelchair and the suitability of the person operating the device.