Purchasing second-hand Alber products

eBay and other Internet platforms frequently offer used Alber products for sale. Before buying these, it is imperative for you to consider the following aspects:

  • Before you buy a product privately, it is essential to clarify who owns the product. Background: the cost of the majority of Alber products is reimbursed by health insurance companies and the article is only lent to the insured persons. These aids may not be sold after use, but must be returned to the health insurance company.
  • To ensure safe use of the product, it is absolutely essential to obtain prior instruction on how to use it. This instruction may only be given by a specialised dealer trained by Alber.
  • Alber does not offer training or instruction for end consumers. Instruction may only be offered by a medical products dealer.
  • In some cases, not all or no spare parts are available for older products. You will find an overview of availability of spare parts for all product generations here. This means that it may not be possible to repair used devices purchased.
  • Repairs are only possible through an authorised medical products dealer.