Alber USA

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the assets of Frank Mobility Systems, Inc. by Alber USA LLC !

The United States of America are one of the most powerful markets in the world! We see a great potential to grow in that market with our Alber products and especially with the new power-assist twion since the US is a wide spread country with long distances. A lot of active wheelchair users are driving cars so they need a light and easy to use product that can be transported easily and allows them to drive longer distances faster. We are very much looking forward to the FDA clearance followed by the twion launch later in the year!

To be able to better understand and develop this great market we decided to establish our own business located in Pittsburgh and to take over the great team and the business from our former exclusive distribution partner FMS! We are very much looking forward to the kick-off with a great and well experienced team!

Alber USA will continue to offer Alber products and the same services that FMS has offered over the years. The same FMS employees that have helped you in the past, will continue to assist you as Alber USA employees moving forward.